Wave Echo Cave

Wave Echo Cave was a cavern located just 15 miles east of Phandalin and the location of the Phandelver mine. Wave Echo earned its name for the rhythmic thunder of pounding waves that echoed throughout its tunnels.

The caves were noted for their rich mineral wealth and in 900 DR, an agreement between clans of dwarves and gnomes to share the wealth of Wave Echo Cave. This pact was overseen by nearby elves and humans. During their delvings, the dwarves and gnomes of Phandelver’s Pact discovered the magical Forge of Spells. Human wizards from nearby Phandalin joined the pact to help harness the powers of the Forge and soon they began crafting all manner of wondrous items.

However in 951 DR, the mine was assaulted by a horde of orcs under Uruth Ukrypt, and during this battle an enormous magical explosion buried the mine and its inhabitants for centuries.

It was not until 1488 DR that an entrance to Wave Echo Cave was found again, by the Rockseeker brothers Gundren, Nundro and Tharden. However their discovery was soon usurped by the dark elf Nezznar, who then used the Cragmaws and the Redbrands of Neverwinter Wood and Phandalin respectively, to supress the knowledge of it location.

Luckily, Gundren had escaped the Black Spider’s attack and on Greengrass he hired the Talons of Tresendar to recalim the mine. Since then the Rockseeker have reopened the mine and allowed its wealth to again flow.

Wave Echo Cave

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