Tresendar Manor

Tresendar Manor was once the home of the Tresendar family in Phandalin. The family lived there until the an orc horde, under the command of Uruth Ukrypt, destroyed the town during the Orcfastings War in 951 DR. It was here that the family’s last heir, Aldith Tresendar made his fatal last stand against the orcs.

In the intervening years, the manor had become an empty shell of its former splendour with only the cellars and crypts remaining in good condition. At some pont a Nothic moved into the caverns below.

A mere two months ago, Iarno Albrek explored the manor and decided to use it as a base to establish his mercenary group, the Redbrands, under the guise of ‘Glasstaff’. He made an arrangement with the Nothic that laired there and expanded some of the existing catacombs.

It was then that the nascent adventurers Adaven, Grey and Tarlach Malthar defeated the Redbrands and took control of the hideout. Since then, they have appropiated the sigils and items they found in the manor, dubbing themselves the Talons of Tresendar.

Tresendar Manor

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