Talons of Tresendar

The Talons of Tresendar are a band of adventurers based out of Phandalin.

Arriving in the frontier settlement, the group earned its name and fame by driving out the bandit group known as the Redbrands (and their leader Glasstaff) from the ruins of Tresendar Manor. In the dungeons of the manor, the group recovered a number or relics of the Tresendar family and took up the noble family’s crest and name as their own.

The members of the Talons of Tresendar included:

  • Adaven – A slight half-elf with a rapier-like wit, strange misfortune and events tend to follow him and those who around him.
  • Grey – A hulking dragonborn warrior, a strange, thick accent adds to his imposing figure. He supposedly wields the lost blade, Talon, of Aldith Tresendar.
  • Tarlach Malthar – A charismatic and philanthropic human who has inspired many of the townsfolk with tales of the groups exploits. Something of a rivalry of one-upmanship exists between Tarlach and the local adventurer Daran Edermath.

Since earning their fame in Phandalin, the Talons of Tresendar have gone on to undertake more adventures and deeds along the Triboar Trail.

Their many adventures have earned them a place well deserved as heroes of Phandalin and are accounted as local celebrities in the town.

However, Gundren Rockseeker recovered from his ordeals on Greengrass, contracted the seasoned adventurers for a private task……the reclaimation of the Lost Mine of Phandelver. Delving into the ancient tunnels, the Talons managed to defeat the Black Spider and drive out enough of the resident undead and guardians to claim the mysterious Forge of Spells. With the help of a repentent Iarno Albrek, they activated the Forge releasing cackling visage of the dead god Azuth.

With the reclaimation of the Lost Mines of Phandelver, the heores brought a new era of prosperity and security to the folk of Phandalin. In recognition of this the Talons were bestowed the ancient titles of the Tresendar Manor, dubbing them the new nobility of Tresendar and Phandalin.

As they settled into their new lives in Phandalin, the Talons were noted for a number of achievements/activities.

  • Rebuilding of the long-vacant Tresendar Manor
  • Founding Blade Day, a festival in honor of Phandalin pioneering and adventuring spirit.
  • Taming of a pair of owlbears, with the help of the druid Reidoth and the right arm of Droop.
  • Inadvertantly releasing the doppelganger, Vyerith.
  • Carousing enough money away to help fund the town’s expedient growth.

However, this peace was shattered almost a month later on Mirtul 23, when a large force of kobolds, mercenaries, bizarre dragon cultists and Venomfang attacked and looted the unprepared town. Rallying the townsfolk and capitalising on their newly-built manor, the Talons managed to save 102 of the town’s 223 inhabitants. In response they struck out and launched a number of daring raid on the attacker’s camp and uncovered whispers of a much larger plot.

Talons of Tresendar

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