Phandalin was a human village located northeast of Leilon, where the road that ran from the High Road to the Triboar Trail faded into a trail. It was raided by orcs in 951 DR and subsequently abandoned for almost 500 years.

In 1478 DR settlers from Neverwinter and Waterdeep resetted the ruins of Phandalin and Phandalin soon became a frontier settlement of farmers and prospectors looking for wealth in the Sword Mountains. The village is nominally run by an elected Townmaster called Harbin Wester though few folk seem to be a fan of his leadership.
During 1488 DR, Adaven, Grey and Tarlach Malthar arrived in town and crossed a local band of ruffians known as the Redbrands who they managed to disband after delving into Tresendar Manor.

Around Greengrass, the nearby Lost Mine of Phandelver was reclaimed by the Rockseeker clan of dwarves. The prosperity and wealth it’s discovery brought to Phandalin caused the townmaster, Harbin Wester to grant the Talons of Tresendar the deeds and title of the lost Tresendar family.

A month later on Mirtul 23, Phandalin was attacked by hordes of mercenaries, robed cultists and kobolds.

Places of note in Phandalin are:


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