Klarg was the leader of a small band of goblins, known as the Cragmaws, and took great pleasure in bullying or ordering his lesser kin around. Brutish and cruel, Klarg is filled with delusions of grandeur and viewed himself as a mighty warlord just beginning his career of conquest.

Slightly unhinged, Klarg tended to refer to himself in the third person and kept a mangy wolf named Ripper as a pet.

Klarg’s goblins recently captured Adaven, Grey and Tarlach Malthar who were working for Gundren Rockseeker. But after personally putting down an unsuccessful breakout by the group, Klarg was convinced by Grey to spare them from the ‘eating room’ in exchange for their help in showing Klarg the secrets of Gundren’s map.

The newly-formed Talons of Tresendar eventually returned to Klarg after dealing with his Redbrands allies and defeated the bugbear leader once and for all.


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