Iarno Albrek

Iarno Albrek, also known as “Glasstaff”, was a human wizard and the direct leader of the Redbrands bandit gang.

He was a short, dark-bearded human wizard that was simply known to most as “Glasstaff” for his weapon of choice, a staff seemingly made of glass.

Iarno was initially a member of the Lords’ Alliance, who was sent to the town of Phandalin to establish constabulary (as the town did not have a powerful authority). However, sometime in 1488 DR, Iarno broke ties with the Lords’ Alliance and created the Redbrands. A few months after his disappearance, Iarno’s colleague, Sildar Hallwinter journeyed to Phandalin in search of his friend.

After a foray into the dungeons of Tresendar Manor, the Talons of Tresendar defeated Glasstaff’s Redbrands and drove the wizard out.

Since then, Iarno had been hiding in Wave Echo Cave, under the protection of the Black Spider. When the Talons of Tresendar finally ventured into the lost mine, on Mirtul 1, Iarno made a deal with Adaven to help the adventurers in exchange for his freedom. Together they defeated Nezznar and rediscovered the Forge of Spells, whereupon Iarno infused his staff with a strange green power.

After clearing the mine, the Talons offered him a place among their ranks, but fearing his notoriety may catch up with him, he declined and instead remained to study the Forge of Spells.

A few tendays later on Mirtul 23, Glasstaff returned quietly to Tresendar Manor, to relay what he had learnt about the Forge of Spells to the Talons of Tresendar. During the evening the town was attacked by a force of bandits, cultists and kobolds, as the rest of the Talons prepared to defend the town while Glasstaff rushed back to the mines of Phandelver, to rally the dwarves. Although Iarno returned with Gundren Rockseeker and the dwarves to drive out the retreating raiders, much damage and plundering had already be done to Phandalin.

Iarno Albrek

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