Harbin Wester

Harbin Wester is a fat, old human male and the townmaster of Phandalin. Arguably the only official in town, Harbin serves as a judge in minor disputes and keeps any records that need to be kept. Fat, old and something of a fool, the pompous townmaster has ignored the trouble caused by the Redbrands, dismissing them as nothing more than “just a mercenary guild”.

In the spring of 1488 DR, Townmaster Wester posted a bounty on a band of Orcs that were based near Wyvern Tor, east along the Triboar Trail. He rewarded the Talons of Tresendar 100 gold lions for dealing with the orcs that have been troubling travellers.

An election was run a tenday afterwards to choose the next townmaster. Despite his general ineptitude, Harbin managed to beat both Sildar Hallwinter and RON to remain the incumbent townmaster of Phandalin.

Around Greengrass, the Talons of Tresendar helped Gundren Rockseeker to recalim the Mines of Phandelver. For their service Harbin Wester granted them the lands and titles of the old Tresendar family.

A month later, Harbin was ‘gravely bruised’ when hordes of kobolds, mercenaries and cultists attacked Phandalin.

Harbin Wester

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