Halia Thornton

Halia Thornton is the guildmistress of the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, and and agent of Zhentarim in Phandalin. Ambitious and calculating, Halia has a great deal of influence in the town beyond that which would be expected of a simple merchant.

In 1488 DR, when the Redbrands led by Glasstaff started causing trouble in Phandalin, Halia Thornton was the only individual the gang were not willing to cross. Despite this, Halia took the opportunity to hire Grey “Hammerfang” to ‘take care’ of the leader of the Redbrands. As Grey and his allies rose to fame among the people of Phandlin for dealing with the Redbrands, Halia quietly kept grey on the Zhentarim payroll, eventually bringing the dragonborn into the fold as a ‘fang’.

On Tarsakh 28, an election for the next Townmaster was held, but with a helful investment from Halia and Grey, she managed to bribe enough voters to keep the incumbent Harbin Wester in place and the challenging Sildar Hallwinter out.

During the attack on Phandalin by the Cult of the Dragon, Halia managed to smuggle away a lot of goods using her Zhentarim contacts and seemed unconcerned by the destruction of the Miner’s Exchange.

Halia Thornton

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