Daran Edermath

Daran Edermath is a half-elf and a retired adventurer who looks after the Edermath Orchard in Phandalin. He is silver-haired and well over a hundred years old but remains in fine shape and often made treks up Icespire Peak.

In the past, Daran was a herald and marshal that roamed all over the Dragon Coast and built enough renown to be invited to join the Order of the Guantlet. After building storied and often outlandish tales of derring-do and heroism, Daran eventually retired to the Neverwinter region where he grew up and set up his orchard. Despite retiring and becoming less active with the Order of the Guantlet, Daran Edermath still kept a watch over Phandalin…especially for potential new recruits.

In 1488 DR, when the Talons of Tresendar arrived in Phandalin, Daran soon sought out the daring adventurers and traded tales of heroics to guage their mettle. When Tarlach Malthar rose to his boasts and challenges, Daran marked him as a potential member of the Order of the Guantlet.

Roughly a tenday after their arrival, Daran speaks to Tarlach in his orchard after being suitibly impressed by his deeds. Here he invites him to join and officially ordains him as a Chevall in the Order of the Guantlet.

During the attack on Phandalin by the Cult of the Dragon and their mercenaries allies, Daran Edermath helped shepherd townsfolk safetly to Tresendar Manor and kept the invaders distracted.

Daran Edermath

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