Carp Alderleaf

Carp Alderleaf is a ten-year old halfling and the son of Qelline Alderleaf. Despite his young age, Carp is enchanted by the idea of being an adventurer.

Born in 1478 DR, Carp has spent the entirety of his young life growing up on Alderleaf Farm in Phandalin with his mother, helping with chores and occassionally exploring the woods near the farm.

In 1488 DR, Carp stumbled across a couple of ‘big ugly bandits’ coming in and out of a tunnel in the woods near Tresendar Manor. Luckily he managed to hide well enough that he could sneak away and tell Pip Stonehill what he saw.

On Tarsakh 15, a pair of adventurers named Adaven and Tarlach Malthar were staying at the Alderleaf Farm and after fielding the incessent questions from Carp they learnt of the odd activities from the young halfling. Carp agreed to lead them and Grey into the woods and show them where he found the bandits. Despite Carp’s insistance and well-crafted wooden sword, the adventurers wouldn’t let the boy follow.

Siege of Phandalin

Carp was found by Grey during the attack on Phandalin in the woods after Alderleaf farm was overrun and his mother, Qelline, killed. Grey escorted Carp and a number of other villagers to safety and charged Carp with becoming strong enough to protect his farm. Greatly impressed, Carp vowed to keep his promise to Grey and was given one of the cultists blades as a weapon.

Carp Alderleaf

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