Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath was a male half-blue dragon champion of the Cult of the Dragon. He was shaped roughly like a human, and was at least seven feet tall, his skin was covered in blue scales, his fingers bore wicked claws, and his face had the muzzle and reptilian eyes of a dragon.

Langdedrosa rose to some prominece in the Cult of the Dragon by employing a spear and greatsword to deadly effect against his foes. He took a sickening pleasure in watching his victims convulse and spasm uncontrollably when he loosed his lightning breath weapon.

On Mirtul 23 of 1488 DR, Langdedrosa helped lead an assault by the Cult of the Dragon against the town of Phandalin. After looting and slaughtering his way through the town all night, Cyanwrath eventually challenged the defenders holed up in Tresendar Manor to send out their best warrior to face him. He promised to execute a prisoner every minute they refused to comply.

Soon the dragonborn warrior, Grey “Hammerfang”, of the Talons of Tresendar marched out to face the Half-dragon. As they exchanged insults, unbeknownst to them both, Adaven snuck out of the manor and hid behind a nearby tree…despite Langdedrosa’s threats. As the two draconic fighters battled with each other, swapping deadly blow for deadly blow, adaven secretly whispered magical doomsayings in the mind of Cyanwrath. Eventually as the embattled warriors were on their last legs, Langdedrosa tried to finish Grey and the prisoners with a blast of lightning, but frustrated by the distracting whispers, it went awry and instead Grey managed to battle on. Hammerfang darted behind the half-dragon and with a swift flex of his blade, Grey decapitated the cult champion.

Despite the victory, the Talons soon realised that one of the prisoners, Elmar Barthen, had taken the full brunt of Langdedrosa last attack and been burnt to a crisp.

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

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