Tarlach Malthar



Tarlach stands a little under 6 foot. He sports a rather whispy moustache, which he hopes brings an air of sophistication to his countenance. His clothes are of unmistakably poor quality, but are enhanced by all manner of feathers, jewellry and other accessories.

A rapier with a basket hilt hangs looseley in its sheath from Tarlach’s left hip, next to a well worn and dented metal flute.


Tarlach was born a pauper in an insignificant hamlet in the Dalelands. A gift for music landed him scholarship at a bardic college. He used this education to fight for the rights of his fellow serfs and common folk, combating the tyranny of feudal lords as well as the Zhentarim.

After a daring attempt to arm and encourage a peasant revolt, he found himself exiled, a price on his head. Tarloch headed west to Neverwinter, in hope of gaining coin and renown, in order that he may return to purge the Dalelands of petty lords and return its rule to the people.

Tarlach Malthar

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