Lost Mines of Phandelver

Yartar: Part 1

It is a silly place..

Yartar soon turned out to be a strange place for visitors, the introduction to the city being a guided walk through a haunted battleground, restless spirits walk the perimeter, held at bay by some form of magic the city guard are able to exert through the use of magic lamps. The Talons were somewhat taken aback by this strange experience, but the guardsmen themselves seemed entirely comfortable with the whole thing, so no questions were asked.

First stop upon entering the city was obviously the pub, they had to find Ontharr Frume after all, and couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to start. The town was abuzz with travellers, who seemed to be in town for a the Hiring Fair, with events from horse-riding to drinking competitions and even a performance of the Courtship of Szass Tam, a rather controversial comedic piece that would not be popular in Thay. The heroes learned that rooms were mostly booked out, but accommodation was available at the temple of Tymora, rather extravagantly named the Happy Hall of Fortuitous Happenstance. The heroes also ascertained the location of Ontharr Frume, who seemed to spend most of his time drinking and brawling at a place named Beldabarr’s Rest.

The Talons headed to meet Ontharr Frume, and after some initial haggling with the bouncer, headed into the strange underground drinking den. Beldabarr’s Rest was a real old fashioned dive, the floor sticky, bloodstains barely mopped up, and a set of patrons that would frighten the most hardened law-man. Drow, Minotaurs, Orcs, the place was open to all, and strangers were not entirely welcome. The Talons learned that Ontharr Frume would be at the Hiring Fair, and impressing him would be a quick way to set up a meeting. They three of them spent a bit of time drinking, before heading to bed, ready to sign up for the various events on the morrow.


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