Lost Mines of Phandelver


Joining the caravan

Waterdeep was by far the biggest city any of the Talons had visited thus far, hemmed in by the sea on one side, and a mountainous ridge on the other, towering buildings littered the skyline, even a city dweller such as Adaven took time to get used to such a metropolis.

First things first, the trio headed for their appointed meeting with Ackyn Selebon, an agent of Ontharr Frume, and the person best placed to advise them on gaining access to the southbound caravan. After spending the evening at Ackyn Selebon’s town house (and somewhat overstaying their welcome) the Talons were forced to come up with separate identities, in order to con their way into jobs as guards on the caravans. Tarlach Malthar decided to tone down his garish dress and shining breastplate, reinventing himself as a down on his luck mercenary named Erasmus Tarleston. Grey became the travelling warrior Balosar and Adaven decided to run his own caravan, using Grey’s cart and taking Greg’k along for the ride.

The time in Waterdeep was spent carousing, and making plans for the journey. The three spent a fair amount of time at The Yawning Portal, an inn run by a rugged ex-adventurer named Durnan. Tarlach Malthar used his time wisely, beginning an illicit dalliance with a noble-woman, while Grey and Adaven talked business. The Yawning Portal’s main feature was an entrance to Undermountain, for a fee budding young adventurers would be lowered into the depths and began their quest for fame and fortune amongst the arcane ruins of Halaster’s former lair. Adaven managed to convince Durnan to give him a cover for his caravan, transporting Waterdhavian ale south, and bringing back samples from breweries along the road.

Three or four days were spent tying up business, chatting to locals, and trying to avoid the temptation to explore the underdark passages that littered the old city. Instead, the Talons presented their credentials to the various parties involved in the next caravan journeying south. Tarlach Malthar got a job as a guard on a small caravan run by a nervous looking merchant, this merchant also had a second guard, who appeared to be incredibly green and barely able to swing a sword. Grey used his impressive bulk to sign on to one of the biggest and best caravans, convincing the canny caravan master through a show of sheer strength.

Adaven’s efforts were less successful, the area where the caravaneers hired their guards just happened to be on the site of a former Inn, which had exploded in a magical conflagration. Adaven’s wild magic responded unpredictably and he summoned forth several flumph’s, causing a wild panic in the square. Citizens ran for their life, while Adaven made a bolt down a side-alley, spewing magical effects as he fled. Robed wizard-guards in service to the city appeared, and it was only by sheer luck that Adaven managed to flee their pursuit. The square was locked down by the investigating wizards, and Adaven was forced to improvise in order to gain a place on the caravan, managing to convince the other caravan members to allow him to join them on the journey.

Finally, after several eventful days, the trio headed out of Waterdeep’s impressive gates, and started on the way south, the comforts of Waterdeep receding slowly into the distance.


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