Lost Mines of Phandelver

Return to Phandalin

Risk rewarded

Upon returning to town, the heroes sought out Gundren Rockseeker, who was most glad to see one of his brothers still alive, and professed his gratitude to the Talons by gifting them a claim in the profits of the mine. Gundren Rockseeker, Nundro and the Talons spent the ensuing days tending to business, Gundren Rockseeker arranging his dwarven crews in preparation for re-opening the mine, Adaven catching up on local events, Grey attending to business, and Tarlach Malthar carousing.

Harbin Wester was also grateful to the Talons, pleased that the newly opened mine would increase traffic to Phandalin and help the small town bloom. The townmaster was grateful enough to present the deeds for Tresendar Manor house to the trio of adventurers. Several days were spent surveying the ruined building, and drawing up plans for its renovation, a process made easier by Gundren Rockseeker providing Dwarven labour.

Whilst this building work continued, Grey had been attempting to negotiate purchase of an extra Rothe to ease Greg’k’s burden, and in the process come across a rather irritating dwarf, named Escobert the Red – who agreed to the sale on condition that they helped him with some business. This business led to a meeting with two travellers from a passing caravan, one a flamboyant halfling, named Losvius Longnose, and the other a stern human female, clearly a warrior named Leda Widris. The business involved transfer of an unknown items to a third party to the south, through Yartar. The pair made some attempt to hire the Talons as guards for their journey, promising to meet them in Yartarr in one week if they were interested. During the course of conversation with the Dwarf, it transpired that the item he was transferring to the duo might not be of the nature they expected, and possibly not genuine. Adaven and Grey kept this rather quiet, reasoning that the whole exchange was only a means of getting hold of another Rothe, and that any business transaction was between the Halfling and the Dwarf.

Tarlach Malthar, meanwhile, had been observing the conversation from a darkened corner and had noticed a rough looking traveller listening in to the conversation. Resolving to follow the unknown eavesdropper, he waited outside the inn until the fellow left, picking his pocket as he passed. The contents of the travellers pocket were suspicious, particularly a piece of parchment with symbols and writing, clearly in code. Tarlach Malthar followed the gent to the centre of town, where he watched the Halfling visit the shrine of Tymora and sister Sister Garaele. Smiling, the stranger left town, pausing only to notice his empty pockets, and curse loudly as he mounted his horse and headed out of town.

Tarlach Malthar showed the stolen parchment to Adaven who noticed similarities to a code he had seen before. The duo took the parchment to Sister Garaele who betrayed some concern and appeared to hint the code may be Harper in origin. Tarlach Malthar wondered why the Harpers may be watching the pair of travellers and reasoned that something iffy was going on, resolving to meet the caravan in Yartar just for the satisfaction of sating his curiosity.

The trio retired to their manor house, in the few weeks since the liberation of the mine it had been restored to a livable state, with roof intact and only interior work to complete. The Talons spent the next day or two moving their personal effects in, and securing the secret entrance to the rear.


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