Lost Mines of Phandelver

Rescue Party

Once more into the breach

Disguised as cultists, the Talons pushed into town, running into another group masked dragon cultists, chanting in draconic as they marched. Thanks to Grey’s grasp of the draconic tongue, the trio were able to bluff the enemy, and began marching with them towards the Townmaster’s Hall. Before they could reach the Hall itself, Grey elected to kill the four cultists they had joined, leaving their bodies in the dirt at the side of the road.

On reaching the Hall, it was clear that an out-and-out assault was out of the question. A procession of cultists and kobolds, with two of the wingless ambush drakes, marched round the town centre, their voices raised in praise to Tiamat. At the rear of the building, a small group of kobolds led by a hulking, bloodstained Dragonborn, were attempting to claw open a sturdy door. At the front of the building, two cultists hefted a battering ram, attempting to smash the double doors open. They were directed by a familiar masked figure, Favric, the same cultist the Talons had crossed after defeating Venomfang in Thundertree.

Grey was able to convince the Favric that he would be able to smash the door much faster, and moved to grab the ram himself. He then attempted to slow the process down using what sleight of hand he could manage, giving Tarlach Malthar and Adaven time to distract the remaining forces.

Adaven managed to convince the forces at the rear of the building that a group of armed Dwarven warriors were advancing on the town, and directed them to move to the north side of town to confront this new threat. After some persuasion, the aggressive Dragonborn led his kobold minions away, eager to fight. Adaven was then able to convince the villagers within to open the rear door, and was heartened to see that Sister Garaele was amongst their number. Adaven then began firing arrows through the rapidly disintegrating front door, making sure not to hit Grey in the process.

Tarlach Malthar meanwhile, had been able to rile up the procession of cultists, convincing them their efforts would be better spent intimidating those villagers holed up in the Tresendar Manor, and led the procession away from the Townmaster’s Hall. He was able to slip away as the procession moved off, and made his way back to the town centre, taking up position in the shadows of a large tree, with an excellent view of the remaining dragon cultists.

Grey had delayed long enough, and as his battering ram finally smashed the wooden doors, he dropped the heavy ram, drawing his sword as he wheeled on the unsuspecting cultists, as Adaven stepped forth from inside, crossbow levelled at the advancing foes.


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