Lost Mines of Phandelver

Day 13 Part 1

Back to Old Owl Well

After the escapade with the werewolves, it was decided that Conyberry and Agatha could wait, it would be more prudent to try something a little safer. It was agreed that the Talons would spend the next day or two investigating a possible undead threat at Old Owl Well. The Talons then made their way through the mountain foothills to the deserted ruins surrounding the well itself.

Before entering the ruins of Old Owl Well, Adaven snuck off, intending to scout the perimeter and report back on any activity. Grey and Tarlach Malthar explored the ruins, quickly coming under attack from a group of zombies. The fight was brief, interrupted by a rather confused looking Red Wizard, who quickly had his zombies stand down. After a lengthy discussion, it was discovered that the wizard, named Hamun Kost, in question was undertaking some amateur archaeology and wished to know the name of the artisan who created the ruined tower at Old Owl Well.

The Red Wizard agreed to aid the Talons in identifying the magical sword obtained from the manor house, provided that they cleared a group of Orcs from south of the well. Coincidentally Grey had also obtained a bounty that wanted the very same orcs removed from their encampment. Hamun Kost also requested that we petition Agatha for the name of the architecht of the crumbling tower at Old Owl Well, should we find her shack north of Conyberry.

Meanwhile, Adaven was unable to curtail his penchant for theft, and broke in to the Hamun’s tent, relieving him of a bag of gold coins and a particularly expensive looking ring. He then circled back round as the conversation died down and rejoined the wagon without being seen by the red wizard.

After getting some rest, the party headed south to deal with the orc threat. Along the way they were briefly accosted by a band of hobgoblins, who were carrying a wanted poster bearing the likeness of Tarlach Malthar. Tarlach Malthar shrugged off the event with a characteristic show of bravery and machismo, putting it down to a minor lord he had irritated back in the Dalelands. Grey was largely unconcerned by this turn of events, reasoning that any opportunity to cleave goblinoids in twain was not to be sniffed at.

On reaching the Tor the orcs were rumoured to be using as a staging point for their raids, the Talons spent a couple of hours searching for signs of the enemy, eventually stumbling upon the orc base, nestled in a cave at the bottom of a valley. Adaven used his magical talent to disguise himself as an orc, and proceeded towards the lone sentry guarding the cave. Managing to pass himself off as a local orc who’s clan had been eliminated or fractured, he passed into the cave with the sentry, leaving his allies to take up positions outside.

Needless to say the disguise lasted no more than a few seconds, as the leader of the orcish band was able to see through Adaven’s deception, and launch an attack on the Talons, summoning a large creature known only as Gog. The ensuing fight was short but furious, with the aforementioned Gog turning out to be a very angry ogre. Grey was fortunate enough to make short work of the hulking monster, and the orcs fell in short order. On inspection it appeared the orcs carried the emblem of the orcish hold of Many Arrows, although the group knew little of this particular kingdom.

Collecting the orcish insignia as evidence of their extermination, the Talons decided to rest the night, being interrupted by a returning group of orcs, as well as a flight of sturges. Needless to say the rest was fractured, and it was a tired group that left a day or two later, on the dusty road to Old Owl Well.


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