Lost Mines of Phandelver

En-route to Waterdeep

river based entertainment

The trip downstream to Waterdeep was eventful to say the least. First, an attack by river pirates along a wide stretch of the Dessarin river forced the Talons to resort to combat, their new shipmates also taking up arms to defeat the larger force. A prisoner was taken during the short but bloody scuffle, the intention being to drop him off for a small reward upon reaching Waterdeep. The scenery on this first stretch of the journey from Yartarr was certainly impressive, a giant dwarven bridge spanned the entirety of the river’s width, the structure having no barriers atop it’s thin surface, Tarlach Malthar recalled stories of entire baggage trains taking the risky crossing and being blown from the top, to crash to their deaths in the river below. Several small forts and abandoned castles littered the banks along the journey, relics of bygone days, left abandoned to monstrous creatures and brigands.

Later, the small crossing town of Ironford provided a brief distraction from the journey, being mostly populated by yokel ranchers and small-time merchants. The stop was brief though, and the Talons were soon on their way again, fighting their way through a field of Merrow, who had been disturbed from their field of floating corpses by the passage of the boat. The fight was vicious, and several brave sailors lost their lives to the wicked harpoons of the foul Merrow warriors. Eventually the creatures were driven off, and the remainder of the journey was plain sailing, straight to the city of splendours.


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