Lost Mines of Phandelver

Day 12

Everything goes a bit Hammer Horror.

The Talons return to Phandalin triumphantly, the recovered goods from Klarg‘s cave in tow. A deal is struck with the Lionshield Coster; they will maintain and repair the group’s equipment in return for their lost property.

All business in town done for the moment, the heroes hit the road once more. They’re heading east to Wyvern Tor and Old Owl Well, but they intend to also pay the witch of Conyberry a visit.

The Talons’ journey is relatively quiet, and they reach the small, run-down and largely abandoned village of Conyberry in around a day and a half. A few shifty-eyed villagers apparently remain, peering at them suspiciously as they enter the town square, where another group of travelers is setting up a stall. They’re a family group of traders, and the Talons suggest they stay in Conyberry a day or two, and travel back to Phandalin together – giving the merchant family some protection on the dangerous roads. They agree to this proposal.

A man steps forward, claiming to be Conyberry’s townmaster. He doesn’t seem particularly welcoming, but grudingly allows us to stay the night. He asks us to keep to ourselves. Adaven immediately goes exploring, gazing up at several bizarre earthmotes – floating islands of packed earth and broken ruins suspended above the land by some strange magic – which surround Conyberry.

Evening passes into night, and the group bed down in an empty house near their cart. Tarlach is on watch when he hears a snuffling sound outside. A few minutes later and a scream rings out somewhere in the darkness. The Talons wake, bleary-eyed, and go out to investigate. Grey secures the cart, while Adaven and Tarlach check on the travelling merchant family. Just as Tarlach is about to open the door to their caravan, the townmaster appears behind them and growls, telling them to ignore the caravan and go back to their camp.

Tarlach swings the door open, and a tide of blood and gore flows out. The little that’s left of the family remains within. The townmaster begins to twitch and hiss, and the Talons watch in horrified fascination as his body reshapes itself into the form of a towering, humanoid wolf. It begins to howl.

“Werewolf!”, Tarlach points out unnecessarily, and grabs the components for a spell. The beast’s howls turn into a hacking laugh, and it collapses to the ground, rocking with laughter. Adaven skips over and thrusts his dagger into its head, but the wound seems to close up as soon as the blade is removed. Tarlach shouts for Grey, and Adaven spots figures moving far-off in the darkness.

Grey charges forward, drawing the wondrous longsword Talon. He thrusts it into the werewolf’s back. The creature howls in pain this time, and shakes off Tarlach’s spell. Tarlach and Adaven respond by grabbing its legs and knocking it to the floor once more, where Grey manages to hack it into pieces with his silvered magic weapon.

Another hulking beast leaps onto a roof a few metres from the Talons. The heroes retreat, Adaven firing a bolt of flame at the newcomer as two more, these in full wolf form, tear down the street towards him. Grey and Tarlach leap into the cart, and Tarlach grabs the reins, putting the switch to Greg’k the ill-tempered rothe, who begins to lumber forwards, gaining momentum.

As Adaven scrambles into the cart, a werewolf leaps up, its jaw ready to snap closed around the half-elf’s head. Grey rushes forward and clubs it with his shield, knocking the beast away with a crunch and a yelp. Adaven makes it in and turns to fling more bolts of fire, which seem to be able to hurt the werewolves where normal weapons cannot.

Tarlach kicks the cart into a desperate rush, pushing Greg’k the rothe as hard as he can. Grey swings his longsword, keeping the wolves at bay while Adaven hurls flame bolts and caltrops. The chase lasts several minutes, before the wolves are finally driven off. Exhausted but alive, the heroes continue on into the night.


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