Lost Mines of Phandelver

Clearing Cragmaw - part two

Adaven, invisible once more, slips through into a square chamber, where two hobgoblins wait, spears ready. To the left, a drape covers one exit from this room, while a closed door marks another on the right. One hobgoblin guards each of these doors. Choosing the door on the right, Adaven slips in close to the hobgoblin and cuts his throat. Grey and Tarlach rush the other, but the creature is too quick, it scarpers past the drape and down a short corridor, heading to a large door on the right.

The heroes give chase. Inside the room on the right, a guttural voice booms out a challenge. “Who dares invade the castle of Grol?” Grey marches into the room, sword ready. Inside, a hulking bugbear, clearly King Grol, holds a battered and bruised Gundren Rockseeker by the beard, a dagger to his throat. To the side stand the hobgoblin guard and a more unexpected guest. A dark-skinned elf woman narrows her eyes at the heroes, and draws a shortsword.

Grol threatens to kill Gundren unless the Talons leave, but Tarlach calls his bluff. Why would he do so now, when clearly the dwarf is valuable while still alive? Grol roars in frustration and drops the dwarf, pulling out a morningstar, which he wields in gauntleted hands. He swings at Grey, who accepts the blow on his shield, and scores a nasty cut on the bugbear chief in return. Adaven attempts to cast a lightning bolt spell from a scroll, but yelps in surprise when the scroll catches fire.

Tarlach leaps in and strikes the hobgoblin with a neat thrust, only to be savaged by a pet wolf that rushes in from the side. He retreats, and blasts the room with a thunderwave spell. The hobgoblin falls, and the wolf is thrown back. The dark elf named Vyerith charges in, wielding a fine pair of short blades. Adaven and Tralach duel her, almost ovematched by her skill.

Grey exchanges blows with Grol. His axe Hew cuts down, but the bugbear king blocks the hit with the metal haft of his crude weapon, and boots Grey in the chest. Grey flies backwards through a second door, which leads into a storage closet.

Adaven and Tarlach finish off the pet wolf and concentrate on the elf. Tarlach engages her in a fierce duel, while Adaven slips out of view to the side. As Tarlach manoeuvres her into position with neat footwork and a defensive parry, Adaven steps in and clocks her on the back of the head with his dagger hilt. She goes down hard.

Grey, meanwhile, shield bashes Grol back out of the storage room, hacking away as he rushes to finish off the bugbear. Severely wounded the creature grasps for something on the floor and attempts to utter another threat. Adaven’s orb of lightning takes him in the chest, pitching him over backwards. Grey steps over and looks down at him. King Grol, menace of Phandalin, is nothing more than a smoking corpse. The object he grasped in his hand, a parchment map, flutters slowly to the floor.


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