Contract of Employment

We, the undersigned, hereby declare:

By means beholden to our respective professions, we have entered into an agreement with one Gundren Rockseeker to render the formerly Lost Mines of Phandelver (situated in Wave Echo Cave) safe and habitable for commercial and industrial use. We duly understand that for the adhesion to the above stated agreement one Gundren Rockseeker solemnly declares to grant Salvage Rights* and a 10% share in all future rights and profits of the Mines of Phandelver (and subsidaries thereof). We further understand that Gundren Rockseeker E.E. and any affiliate members of the Rockseeker clan declines any responsibility for improper ativities, injuries, metaphysical disturbances, enviromental damage, debiltating conditions (including but not limited to: disease, madness, paralysis, petrification, poisoning, temporal stasis, etc.), imprisonment, blood fued(s), oaths of sobriety, death and undeath. Therefore, we officially assume full civil (and as the case may be, penal) personal responsibilty for the conduct and success of the aforementioned reclaimation expedition. We officially engage to keep the Mines of Phandelver in good custody, and in good standing, at the best of our capacities, without altering its architecture or content (except where noted above) or letting somebody (except one Gundren Rockseeker E.E. and affiliates of Clan Rockseeker) to have temporarily or continuatively access to it.
We also declare to understand the utilization of this contract is for offical use, to facilitate the accomplishment of our assisstant tasks in the service of one Gundren Rockseeser and remembering that this document can be used in strict observance (under sight of The Heralds) of any relevant moral, national, international and planar Laws and regualtion in force.
We, the undersigned, under penalty of perjury, hereby solemnly declare that statements herein contained are true and correct.

*Salvage Rights as limited by the Laws of Old Delzoun require all acquisitions to be declared and approved before the rightful laird. Therefore it is to be understood by the undersigned of this document that violation of any accorded Salvage Rights will be considered a deprivation of property by deciet and tried as a godsfrown.

Greengrass, 1488 DR, Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn

(Coinmaster of the Rockseeker Clan)
Gundren Rockseeker E.E.

(Talons of Tresendar)
Tarlach Malthar

Lost Mines of Phandelver

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