Venomfang was a young green dragon who attempted to make a lair in an old tower in the ruins of Thundertree village, after killing the giant spiders infesting the tower.

In 1488 DR a local druid, named Reidoth, had noted the coming of Venomfang and knew the dragon’s presence would interfere with his work clearing Thundertree of it undead infestation. Additionally, Venomfang’s arrival had garnered the attention of a group of dragon cultists, led by Favric, that hoped to woo the dragon to their cause.

On Tarsakh 26 the Talons of Tresendar had come to explore the ruins of Thundertree. Venomfang lured the wayward adventurers to the tower to devour them and steal their treasure, however the battle soon escalated with the arrival of the the dragon cultists and Reidoth. After a fierce battle that toppled much of the remaining tower, Venomfang fled….cursing the names of the Talons of Tresendar.

The Siege of Phandalin

On Mirtul 23, Venomfang agrees to work with the cultists to attack Phandalin and get revenge on the group that drove it from Thundertree. After causing much damage and pesitlence to the town, Venomfang assailed Tresendar Manor directly. However, once again, the Talons along with the beleaugered miltia repelled her attacks and a cleverly spun illusion by Adaven of a gold dragon convinced Venomfang to flee the battle.


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