Rodolphus Crownhollow

Rodolphus Crownhollow was seemingly a male dwarf wizard and a member of the Harpers. Rodolphus was also a dwarf of many personas, changing his form and attitude with disturbing (and sometimes painful) transformations.

Typically, Rodolphus appeared as an uncannily tidy dwarf, his thick black beard was brushed to smooth perfection and his hair was pulled back tightly over his head to a stylised top knot. A long nose and dark eyes peaked out from beneath thick, trimmed eyebrows. Across his back he wore an enormous iron ring with numerous brass keys along it.

Curmudgeonly and at times whimsical, Rodolphus was quick to deal with those who crossed him. In certain parts, he was also a prolific author, having published a number of books.

Over the years, Crownhollow had cultivated a few other personas that he adopted for various reasons and with increasing regularity since joining the Harpers.

  • Along the Sword Coast he often adopts the guise of a grizzled and red-bearded dwarven warrior called Escobert the Red, an ever-drinking and battling sellsword.

By 1484 DR, Rodolphus had made something of a home for himself in Neverwinter when he stumbled across a young street urchin trying to pick rather fine pockets. Upon catching the boy he promptly turned him into mouse for a week as punishment afterwards releasing the boy and introducing himself. The boy, Adaven, was drafted into Rodolphus’ service as recompense for his crimes for 1 year. However it was soon realised that there was latent magical potential in adaven and eventually, the boy continued serving Rodolphus for an additional 3 years to help train him.

In 1488 DR, Rodolphus relased adaven from his service and sent the apprentice out to explore the world, and his talents. However Crownhollow had released his ward early due to a call from the Harpers for his help. A sleeper agent had alerted them that the Cult of the Dragon had begun a number of widespread activties and Crownhollow’s expertise was called upon to investigate.

After consulting with the monks in Candlekeep, Rodolphus adopted the guise of Escobert the Red and traveled north to Silverymoon with the monk Leosin Erlanthar. Along the way, Escobert and Leosin spent much time trying to pinpoint the likely targets of the Cult and why they were chosen.

However, during a cult attack on Phandalin on Mirtul 23, Escobert undertook Morningdew’s Bilk and was captured by the cult. Unfortunaly due to the interruption of the Talons of Tresendar, Leosin didn’t receive the message not to resue him and the monk beseeched the adventurers to track him down.

Soon the Talons tracked down Escobert and the other prisoners, and despite his protests, staged a dramatic escape. Upon returning, Escobert revelaed himself as Rodolphus Crownhollow to Leosin and the Talons, explaining his fears about the cult’s recent activites. After exchanging information, Rodolphus travelled to Yartar to see if he could get support from a man named Ontharr Frume.

Rodolphus Crownhollow

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