Nezznar the Black Spider was a male drow rogue wizard from Szithlin. He dressed in black studded leather armour and robes; wherever he went he carried a black adamantine staff topped with a carved spider. Charismatic and inquisitve, Nezznar was willing to do almost anything to achieve his goals, including co-operating with surface-dwellers.

A few years ago, Nezznar was somehow invloved with the destruction of Clan Hammerhead, an assault that left Grey “Hammerfang” almost dead. Grey managed to take Nezznar’s scabbard before the drow left him for dead.

In 1488 DR, Nezznar had been tasked by his master to locate the Forge of Spells. Utilizing spies and goblin mercenaries in and around the Neverwinter area, Nezznar soon learnt of the Rockseeker brothers search for the Lost Mine of Phandelver near Phandalin.

Sometime in Ches, Nezznar’s spies follow the Rockseekers to the mine and report back.
Somehow, Lord Albrek finds out about the Black Spider’s search and brokers a partnership with him, in turn, Nezznar hires Iarno’s Redbrands to keep adventurers out of Phandalin and the residents cowed. To further cement this alliance, Nezznar lends a few bugbears under command of Mosk to Iarno.

In Tarsakh, Nezznar makes his move on the mine; together with his doppelganger allies, Vyerith and Vhalark, they sneak in and overwhelm the dwarves. However Nezznar soon realises that one of the dwarves is unaccounted for, Gundren Rockseeker. He slays Thundren and takes Nundro captive for interrogaton. While Nezznar tentatively explores the mines he dispatches Vyerith to recruit more goblins from King Grol to help search for the missing dwarf. A few tendays later, Nezznar gets word that Gundren has been captured but that the dwarf has already hired a group of adventuers. The Black Spider warns Glasstaff that the group is heading for Phandalin and redoubles his efforts to reach the Forge.

On Mirul 1, the Talons of Tresendar, storm Wave Echo Cave and manage to convince Glasstaff to betray the Black Spider. Together they outmanouvre the drow and capture him and learn that Nezznar is somehow connected to the near-destruction of Grey’s adopted family, Clan Hammerhead. However, before Nezznar can explain any more, the dragonborn runs the drow through with his own blade.


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