Leosin Erlanthar

Leosin Erlanthar is a male half-elf monk from Candlekeep who worked with Escobert the Red to investigate the Cult of the Dragon’s adctivies along the Sword Coast.

In Mirtul 1488 DR, Escobert the Red and Leosin were travelling to Silverymoon to research ancient writings on draconic folklore. Along the way, they were keeping an eye recent attacks by the Cult of the Dragon near Neverwinter. They hoped to find out where the cult might strike next, secretly communicating via an agent of the Harpers in Phandalin named Sister Garaele.

However on Mirtul 23, Leosin and Escobert were caught up in the cult’s assault on Phandalin and Leosin’s mentor was captured (albeit willingly) by Frulam Mondath. After the chaos of battle had subsided, Leosin sought out the Talons of Tresendar and asked them to help rescue Escobert.

After the Talons had successfully rescued Escobert the Red from the Raider’s camp, the Leosin, the Talons and Escobert gather in Tresendar Manor on the morning of Mirtul 26. Over breakfast, Escobert reveals himself, distubingly, to actually be Rodolphus Crownhollow in disguise, the tutor of Adaven. This revelation is as much a surprise to Leosin as it is to the Talons.

After Crownhollow’s explaination, he and Leosin travel to Yartar to meet with Ontharr Frume in Beldabar’s Rest but left behind horses and supplies should the Talons decide to join them.

Leosin Erlanthar

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