Forge of Spells

The Forge of Spells was a great forge built by the humans, dwarves and gnomes of Phandlever’s Pact. The forge of spells was able to channel the magic of Wave Echo Cave to enchant weapons and armour. To protect the forge and its items, a strange many-eyed floating creature had been summoned and tested those who tried to use the Forge of Spells.

It appeared as a large workshop with a stone pedestal in the middel of the room, where a small brazier crackling with green flames danced.

When the mine was sacked in 951 DR, the inhabitants of the Phandelver were slaughtered and the mine lost to the wider world. Despite this however, the Forge of Spells and its guardian survived.

Around Greengrass 1488 DR, Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn, a group of adventures known as the Talons of Tresendar found the Forge of Spells. The guardian of the Forge still seemed to think the mine was still in use and testedthe Talons before disappearing. With the creature gone Adaven, Grey, Tarlach Malthar and the wizard Iarno Albrek each plunged an item into the Forge infusing their items with a strange green flame. Accompanying this strange event was a sighing and burbling voice that seemed to thank the adventurers for ‘easing my release’.

Afterwards, Glasstaff remained behind to further study the forge.

Forge of Spells

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