Lost Mines of Phandelver

Yartar Bound

The Talons of Tresendar discussed their options with their allies in Phandalin, and it was decided Yartar would be the next port of call, Ontharr Frume being a known ally within the town. To get to Yartar would mean travelling through Triboar, and could take several days.

The trio packed and left swiftly, heading along the Triboar Trail. A brief but bloody encounter with a band of Many-Arrows orcs and a larger skirmish with a group of Umberlee worshipping river-raiders serving to alleviate any boredom during the journey.

Triboar proved to be a welcoming town, with a surfeit of pubs and coach houses. Tarlach Malthar was able to find a watering hole that met his exacting standards. After visiting several establishments, he settled on the The Frost-Touched Frog, an Inn that embraced fine drink as well as the arts. The staff were friendly, and even a potential confrontation with Yreskan Ammulk, a Half-Orc wheelwright. ended in amicable relations, with the Half-Orc offering his services in order to repair and maintain Grey’s cart.

Tarlach Malthar spent the evening working on his poetry, while Adaven got stuck into the fine food and drink on offer, unused to having so much money at his disposal.

A relaxing night was followed with an early start, the Half-Orc wheelwright made good on his word and the wagon was soon good to go again, for the second half of the journey, this time on the well-made road to Yartar, a welcome change from the rutted and ill maintained tracks around Neverwinter Wood.


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