Lost Mines of Phandelver

Yartar: Part 2

Let the games begin!

The Hiring Fair began with a morning banquet, at which Ontharr Frume formally introduced himself, and wished the competitors the best of luck. The Riverbaron (the ruler of Yartar) was also present, overseeing the festivities.

Tarlach Malthar decided to enter the horse-racing, talent contest (at which he would play the lute) and the joust, as well as taking part on the theatrical performance. Adaven busied himself preparing for a foot race, and decided to chance his arm in the drinking and eating competition. Grey decided he was better suited to wrestling, and put his name down for that.

The events were contested by a motley crew of adventuring types from all corners of the world, from tattooed northern barbarians to slight southern gamblers. Ultimately, Tarlach Malthar was successful in all the events he entered, earning the admiration of the crowd, as well as Ontharr Frume. Grey was also complemented for his excellent performance in the wrestling competition, beating all comers to claim the prize. Even Adaven managed to set foot on a podium, winning the footrace with some rather underhanded tactics (spells not strictly being permitted). On completion of the days events, the trio attended a great feast at the local fest-hall – Beldabar’s Rest – for a night of wine, women and song. They agreed to talk more the following day, and spent the night winding down.

After meeting Ontharr Frume for a more formal discussion, the Talons learned that the Cult of the Dragon had been funnelling coin and treasure south, toward and beyond the great city of Waterdeep. Ontharr Frume hired them to head to Waterdeep by river, providing transport to get them there, they would then meet with his contact, Ackyn Selebon with a view to sneaking on to a caravan train and attempting to find out where the Cult were sending the loot. The Talons quickly agreed terms, and left town on the next available boat.


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