Lost Mines of Phandelver


Exploring the town

On reaching Thundertree, the Talons took the main road into the town from the south, clearing overgrown forest as they went. Tying Greg’k up at the village limits before beginning their exploration of the ruined houses.

It soon became apparent that Thundertree was, whilst no longer home to it’s human population, not entirely abandoned. Twig blights emerged, twisted perversions of nature that attack seemingly at random and without fear. They fell swiftly to the blades of the three adventurers, but continued to hassle the party as they made their investigations.

One of the prisoners at the Tresenda Manor had previously given Tarlach Malthar directions to the old alchemist’s store, and a valuable necklace left there. The Talons decided to search for the building, in the process coming across a rather better maintained building with roof still attached. The door was barred, and after closer inspection the property was clearly still inhabited, by the elderly druid Reidoth. Reidoth agreed to aid the party with their owlbear problem, on condition that they helped remove the dragon Venomfang who had taken up refuge in an abandoned tower to the north of Thundertree. The Talons resolved to search the old alchemy store first, before confronting the dragon, a consderably more dangerous task.

Rather ominously, the old alchemist’s store was covered in giant webs, and entering the store was an unnerving prospect for Adaven, who’s arachnaphobia quickly surfaced. Rather predictably, two giant spiders appeared as soon as the web was breached, scuttling to attack. The fight was quick and fierce, with Tarlach Malthar taking a bite to the face, and falling victim to the spider venom. The remaining Talons dispatched the spider, and dragged Tarlach Malthar’s inert body back to the druid’s hovel. Reidoth applied his medical knowledge to the paralyzed adventurer, advising a night’s rest for the fallen Talon.

After a considerable rest, and dicussion with Reidoth about the various threats in Thundertree (ash zombies, twig blights, the dragon Venomfang and a strange band of cultists). With Tarlach Malthar back in the game, the Talons pressed on through the town, straying dangerously near the tower. The heavy beating of wings and a deep rumbling voice could be heard, enticing the heroes in with offers of an alliance. The Talons agreed that the tower bared exploring, and the dragon would have to be confronted, perhaps it could be convinced to leave. They turned and headed up the main path to the ruined tower, and the confrontation with Venomfang himself.


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