Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Lonely Hunt

Tracking the Cult

After the cult’s forces retreated, the Talons took some time to recuperate, and inspect the damage to their facilities – arranging for Dwarven help in repairing the battered manor.

It wasn’t long before another visitor arrived, a man familiar to Tarlach Malthar, who had earlier followed him through Phandalin’s streets, after having suspected him of spying on the Talons. The man was a Half-Elf monk, introducing himself as Leosin Erlanthar. Erlanthar was cagey about his employment situation, but after Tarlach Malthar presented him with the coded message he had taken from Leosin during their last brief encounter, it became clear he was affiliated with the Harpers. Leosin requested the aid of the Talons in rescuing his master, a Dwarf who had gotten himself captured in an encounter with the Cult of the Dragon in order to gain access to their camp.

Sildar Hallwinter was most interested in scouting the camp as well, reasoning to Adaven that the Lord’s Alliance would benefit from knowing the plans of the cult, and would be able to divert resources to protect any potential target the cult may have.

The Talons of course agreed to take up the challenge, deciding to set off after the cult at first light. The size of the force made tracking rather easy, and they soon set off to the south in pursuit of their foes.


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