Lost Mines of Phandelver

A Chance Encounter

Suspicious folk on the road

While journeying back to Phandalin, with Sergeant Markguth and his new recruit, Private Nighthill, in tow, the Talons of Tresendar happened across three travellers camping out along the road. Their suspicious behaviour led to a brief exchange of fire, in which Grey brutally killed two of them.

The survivor was able to tell them he was a cultist, and confirmed that the rest of his allies had split up, their mission in this particular part of the Sword Coast now complete. He clearly had no idea of the real goal of the Cult, but his information served to confirm that at least some of his allies had headed in the direction of Yartar.

All three of the cultists had displayed strange twitching behaviour, and Tarlach Malthar performed an impromptu autopsy on one of them, much to the horror of Sergeant Markguth. He was, however, unable to find the cause of their symptoms. All three cultists had strange holes, in their skin, and claimed a ‘worm’ had been placed inside them. It appeared something was growing within them, using their bodies as a host in order to grow. Adaven recalled seeing a pile of corpses that seemed to have large holes in their skin, as if something had eaten it’s way out of them, they surmised that a proportion of the strange draconic enemies, for example the dog-lizard attack drakes had been grown inside unsuspecting human hosts. Not a pleasant thought for the trip back to Phandalin.


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